Unisex Bamboo Safety Razor

Billions of single use plastic razors and cartridges are disposed of every single year. Most of them won’t be recycled and they’ll end up polluting rivers and oceans, destroying the ecosystems of the animals and creatures that live within them in the process. This throw away culture cannot be sustained. Safety razors are an effective solution to the problem. Not only do they look great, but they also function in the same way at a fraction of the cost.

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Achieve the very best plastic-free shave by switching to a Jungle Culture reusable safety razor. Available in three different natural colour grains, each bamboo razor is 100% unique with slight variations in the handle. Our double edge razors are perfectly balanced and give a truly satisfying zero waste shaving experience for both sexes.


The Jungle Culture safety razor is the ideal choice for those new to plastic free shaving. They each come with a handy little hessian travel bag which makes storing and transporting them a breeze. Our bamboo razors are great for both the face and the body and can be used in the shower, basin or sink. The ergonomically superior handle is perfectly weighted making the entire shaving experience a satisfying one.


x 1 Unisex Bamboo Safety Razor
x 1 Hessian Travel Bag
x 1 Gift Box