Foaming soap dispenser

AVAILABLE IN BLACK ONLY! Luxurious foaming soap at your fingertips! This foaming soap dispenser easily converts any regular mouth canning jar into a beautiful bath and kitchen accessory. Made with durable BPA-free plastic, the adapters are rust-free, and easy to clean.

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Want to check if your jar is compatible? Simply measure the top of your canning jar. If it’s 2.5 inches, you’ve got a regular mouth (aka small mouth) jar, and this lid will fit. Please note that this adapter will not fit wide-mouth jars, which have a 3 inch rim diameter. The world’s best mason jar foaming soap dispenser. Don’t delay, get yours today and start refilling your dispensers!

The package includes:
One mason jar adapter lid
One foaming soap dispenser
One waterproof vinyl sticker

Available in White or Black. Make color selection when placing your order.