Color Zero Waste Bamboo Cutlery Kit

Our Bamboo Cutlery Set comes with a knife, fork, spoon, reusable straws, chopsticks and even a handcrafted travel kit. By using your Bamboo Cutlery Set you'll be able to eat anywhere while avoiding the disposal of plastics that are harmful for the environment. Travel and eat in style the eco-friendly way. Bamboo grows organically and is locally and responsibly sourced, lovingly hand-crafted by artisans. Jungle Culture is a socially responsible company whose sustainability promise aims to balance what is taken from the earth, and what is replaced in return.

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The Jungle Culture reusable bamboo cutlery set is the perfect plastic free alternative for eating on the go! Our portable travel utensils are BPA free, 100% safe & are handmade from a single piece of organic bamboo without the need for any harmful fertilisers, pesticide or glues. 

It’s small enough to take with you in your bag, encouraging you to carry it with you wherever you go; the perfect zero waste swap! The Jungle Culture bamboo travel cutlery set is everything you need for a waste-free and guilt free lifestyle.

We've made it easy for you to carry your eco utensils & include a hessian travel pouch in order to conveniently store your portable bamboo cutlery set when you’re not using them.


x 1 Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set including;
- A highly durable & naturally water resistant 20cm serrated knife, fork & spoon.
x 1 Bamboo Straw
x 1 Coconut Cleaning Brush
x 1 Natural Hessian Travel Pouch
x 4 Choice of Colours : Marine, Ash, Slate & Berry