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Bulk Refillable Products:

Tea Tree+Lemon Shampoo
GTF deodorant/no baking sodaAll Purpose Cleaner
Unscented ShampooLavender essential oilDish Liquid
Grapefruit + Mint shampoo
Tea tree essential oil 
Automatic Dish Powder
Tea tree + Lemon ConditionerPeppermint essential oilUnscented Laundry Liquid (add your own scent) 
Grapefruit + MintRosemary essential oil Oxygen Bleach Powder
Curly hair cremeFace mask PowderDish Soap Block
Hair GelUnrefined shea butter Baking Soda
Clementine & Jasmine LotionUnrefined coconut oil Apple Cider Vinegar
French Lavender LotionBiodegradable sunscreen Hand Sanitizer 
Unscented Lotion Uncle Harry's Peppermint Toothpaste Citrus foaming hand soap 
Dr.Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap Uncle Harry's Spearmint Toothpaste Lavender foaming hand soap
Grapefruit + Mint Shower gel
Uncle Harry's Children's Toothpaste
Shea butter

How it works

Step 1: Visit us 

Schedule an appointment to come in or schedule a local delivery

Step 2: Containers 

Bring your own container (any container you find fit to place your products in)
We also have a FREE containers section from vessels that were donated OR you could purchase from any of the glass and stainless steel containers we have for sale (they go as low as $1.00)! 

Step 3: Tare Weight

*only if you bring your own container or take a free one* Find the tare or empty weight of the container using our scale. (This way you don't get charged for the weight of the container) Record that number either on the stickers we have available, somewhere on the jar, in your phone notes etc.

Step 4: Fill 

Fill with any of the products we have available in bulk. We charge per ounce so fill as much or as little as you would like but please NO POURING PRODUCT BACK!

Step 5: Product Weight

Weigh your container again this time with the product in it and record the final weight.

Step 6: Check out 

We will do the rest of the math which involves subtracting the tare weight from the final weight and multiplying that answer by the price of the product which you are purchasing.
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Click here for the list of Product Ingredients & Directions of usage