01 Nov

-IM SO FREAKIN EXCITED to finally announce this challenge I have been working on!! I want to challenge everyone this month to be more tender to themselves and to the planet by joining along. I created this challenge to show how easy it is to love ourselves and love our earth, how small steps together can lead to big changes and in hopes that one day these challenges become a norm for all of us! To make the challenge more exciting the people who participate in the hashtag will be entered to win TWO tickets to a Plant nite anywhere in the US!! (A plant nite is like paint nite where you make create a tabletop garden while drinking wine) •
✨How to enter the challenge:
1.Follow me (@greentenderfoot)
2.Tag two friends who might be interested in the challenge in the comments below.
-you are now entered in the challenge and I will keep tabs on you for the remainder of the month!

✨The rules:
1.On the day of the challenge post a picture or video of you completing the task of the day on your instastory (you can be as creative as you want) with the hashtag #greentendernovember 
2.Every time you complete a challenge it will be an entry with your name for a higher chance to win the prize
At the end of everyday I will watch every story with the hashtag (I will follow accounts just so I don’t miss anybody) and send you a message confirming I watched it so you know I have made your entry! -And thats pretty much it! Simple right? •

-Remember you don’t have to do it everyday (its okay I know life gets in the way sometimes!) -The more days you do it the higher your chances are to win the prize -You can enter the contest whenever you want, its never too late!
-Everyday I will post tips on my story on how you can complete the challenge of the day or DM me for help
-At the end of the month I will pick the winner based on the entries -Winner will be announced on 12/2/18 •

I encourage everyone to participate even if you already are vegan and zero waste or have no interest in the prize, motivate your friends and family to participate let’s make it a green month 💚🌍

GTF november challenge FINAL .pdf

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